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House of Uniquities is the long awaited answer to my overwhelming desire to make things.  

While I am not formally trained in any artistic discipline, I had the luxury of growing up with art in my life, access to all manner of media, and a wildly encouraging mentor.   As the daughter of an artist I was fortunate enough to inherit my mother's ability to see things which don't yet exist.  The intense compulsion to create them often proves maddening as one lifetime will not be long enough to address all that lives in my head.  

I have a tendency to study everything I come across to see how it was done and then want to try it myself.  And try, I have. I’ve also failed a lot but that hasn’t mattered.  What matters is that the creative endeavor scratches an itch which might make me crazy otherwise.  Why jewelry?  Honestly I'm happy making all sorts of things but I actually need jewelry.   It’s kind of like growing my own vegetables.  In an emergency, I’ll be prepared.  

I am so happy to have you visit and hope you find something here to bring a little interest to your day.    


All of my jewelry is handmade and I think you'll be able to see that in the individuality of each piece.  From the small irregularities and tool marks down to the occasional fingerprint impression left behind, each piece reflects something of the journey it made from sketch to form.

There may come a time when I work toward a more polished and perfect look but in a world of mass produced and marketed products, I rather prefer things which have a story to tell and a ready answer to the question, 

"What makes you so special?"

I do my best to represent each item as accurately as possible in both photograph and description.  Please pay close attention to the measurements provided as they may give you a more complete picture than the photos alone.

All designs are originals.  When you make a purchase, you will receive the exact piece shown in the picture.  Some collections may offer multiple pieces based on a given design but there will always be variations.  No two pieces will ever be exactly the same.  

About the Jewelry
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